Our main Strength lies in Yarn Marketing Division. We are one of the largest marketer of yarn in Tamil Nadu representing various state of the art spinning units as their agents. We represent the following mills as their depot hoders

  1. Loyal Textile Mills Ltd, Kovilpati
  2. Shri Renuga Textiles Ltd, Theni
  3. S.P Spinning Mills (P) Ltd, Salem
  4. GVG Industries (P) Ltd, Udumalpet
  5. S.A.Aandhan Spinning Mills (P) Ltd, Rajapalayam
  6. Sri Parameswari Spinning Mills (P) Ltd, Pandalgudi
  7. Sri Saradhambiga Spintex (P) Ltd, Coimbatore
  8. DBV Cotton Mills (P) Ltd, Coimbatore
  9. Sri Nirmala Yarn Mills (P) Ltd, Rajapalayam
  10. SVA Syntex (P) Ltd, Udumalpet
  11. SVPB Spinners (P) Ltd, Udumalpet
  12. Unnamalai Spinning Mills, Rajapalayam
  13. Amirtham SpinKnits, Coimbatore
  14. Rajvir Industries Ltd, Secundrabad
  15. Thangavelu Spinning Mills Ltd, Bommudi
  16. Thangavelu Textile Mills Ltd, Salem
  17. Classic Spinning Mills (P) Ltd, Tirupur

& act as selling agents for the following mills

  1. Super Spinning Mills Ltd, Coimbatore
  2. Idupulapadu Cotton Mills Ltd, Ganapavaram
  3. Precot Meridian Ltd, Coimbatore
  4. Sri Ranga Textiles (P) Ltd, Coimbatore
  5. GPI Textiles Ltd, Nalagarh (an ISPAT group company)
  6. Mothi Spinner Ltd, Pallipalayam
  7. KPR Mills Ltd, Coimbatore
  8. Kumaragiri Spinning Mills (P) Ltd, Pallipalayam
  9. KAS Industries (P) Ltd, Erode

We market all kinds of yarn for both Weaving & Knitting and in all forms such as Cone, Cheese and Hank (both plain reel & cross reel). We do 100% cotton yarn, 100% synthetic yarns & various blended yarn. We also provide speciality yarns such as Organic, Flame Retardant, Melange, Flax, etc.

We deal with premium quality of yarn in different diameters and in long and continuous length. Our range of yarn stands exceptional in terms of quality and durability. Variety of yarn traded by us includes :

  1. 100% cotton Karded, Combed, Open-end & Compact Yarn.
  2. Fancy yarns such as Slub yarn, Core spun Lycra yarn, Melange yarn and Multi-count Yarn.